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  • The name :

    Ultrasonic big size water meter DN50-DN600

  • Product Description
  • Dual beam ultrasonic technology for precise and
    ultra reliable metering
    No moving parts
    Excellent long-term stability and reliability
    Battery powered -10 years life expectancy
    Rugged mechanical design - Submersible (IP68)
    Extremely sensitive and accurate in low flows
    AMR and cellular networks ready with various output model
    Programmable Display (units and outputs resolution)

  • Model : GL-UL-50-600

GALONMETER GL-UL-50-600 is the ultrasonic water meter having the size from Dn50 to Dn600, designed and manufactured by GALONMETER.



The sound wave that flows in the direction of the stream moves faster than the one that flows against the stream.
The transit times Tab (Transit time of ultrasonic waves from sensor A to sensor B) and Tba (from sensor B to A) are measured continuously. The time difference (Tba - Tab) is directly proportional to the mean flow velocity (Vm) of the liquid. The flow rate is a result of the velocity multiplied by the cross section area of the flow tube size.

No moving parts permitting the most reliable and longer term life; lowest pressure loss;

Battery life: ≥4years; possible to keep the external Battery bag for easy to exchange;
AMR ready for RS485, M-BUS...;
Digital Display:

Main Technical Data: ISO 4064 Class B



From Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is ± 1%; From Q2 inclusive up to and including Q4 is ± 3%; FOR CLASS II:
From Q1 inclusive up to but excluding Q2 is ± 2%; From Q2 inclusive up to and including Q4 is ± 5%;


Suggest to install the ULW water meter at U15 D5 (Straight pipe before the water meter at
15D, after the water meter at 5D);
Suggest to install the same size of the FILTER before the water meter;
Only for Horizontal installation;


Technical Data


 GL-UL Series Ultrasonic Water Meter

 Pipe Diameter

 DN15-DN40mm Single Channel Smal sizel Ultrasonic Water Meter

 DN50-DN150mm Dual Channel Bulk Ultrasonic Water Meter

 DN200-DN600mm Dual Channel Bulk Ultrasonic Water Meter

 Measurement Medium

 Water, Sewage, Sea Water (or customized for other liquid).  Full Pipe liquid



 Working Environment

 Temperature:-10-45 ℃; Humidity:≤100% (RH))

 Working Pressure

 1.6Mpa (2.5 MPa optional)

 Upstream Sensitivity


 Downstream Sensitivity


 Electromagnetic Compatibility Class


 Communication Interface



 Two way OCT pulse output/TTL pulse output/One way 4-20mA output

 Power Supply

 Built in Lithium battery (3.6, 19AhV) VDC8~36V power supply

 Protection Class

 IP68, can work 2 meters under water

 Digital Display

.Multi line 9 digital accumulative flow 4 digital display for instantaneous flow

 Data Storage

 EEPROM/FLASH automatically record the accumulative flow of last 512 days

 Measurement Cycle

 Measuring:1times/second;  Verification:4times/second

 Power Consumption

 DN15-DN150mm battery life more than 10 years

 DN200-DN600mm battery life more than 6 years