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  • The name :

    Mbus/RS485 water meter

  • Product Description
  • Full management of the water consumption
    Easy analysis of water consumption by rich reports on PC
    Easy card usage
    Dry type or wet type water meter as option
    Available to remote by RS485/Mbus
    Long time battery life
    Model name: GL-AMR

  • Model : GL-AMR

GALONMETER GL-AMR RS485/Mbus water meter is IMPELLER (turbine) water meter with dry type register (liquid protected register as Option) for residential application with sizes from Dn15 to Dn600 designed by GALONMETER.



1.Low-consumption design. Only consuing when reading.
2.Valve control remote switch, no need battery.
3.Combined with meter-read system to AMR.
4.Quick and accurate reading, mechanical and electronical reading complete synchronization
5.Remote reading reducing reading costs.
6.No need additional power supply
7.High accuracy against vibration, backflow, magnet interference
8. Waterproof design for electronic part.
9.Communication ports: M-BUS/ RS485, Com-
munication protocol: <CJ/T188-2004> <DL/T645-1997>or special made.

Executing the collection, process and collective management in consumption of water meter. Adopting the network to realize remote reading and control, automatic identification, correct data collection, reliable telecommunication, permanent data storage. This water meter can be used for family or apartment to measure the water consumed. Quality and signal is stable and energy-saving as well, having long life. The AMR system is easier and more convenient to suspect water charge and management system for water companies.This system consists of RS485/Mbuswater meter, data collector,GPRS concentrator and Teminal processor. By using Zig-Bee communication and  GPRS to make the water charge management automatic and intelligent.